Football ist Leben im Zeitraffer.
Football is life accelerated.

Dokumentarfilm/documentary, 93 min.,Farbe/Color, D 2006 – freigegeben ab 6 Jahre

“Authentic scenes, as if the camera would not have been there, the dream of every documentary filmmaker”
(Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin)
a film that’s just so funny and well-made, the characters are really well-developed and interesting.”
(The Missoulian, Montana, USA)
“A very inspired documentary debut.“
(Financial Times Germany)
“Must see!”
(Berliner Morgenpost)
“absolutely worth watching….an entertaining portrait.“
(Huddle – German Football Magazine)
“You get neither heroes nor myths, neither legends nor warriors, but something much better to see: people. Guys, characters, winners, losers – me and you, so to speak, and all that with a dog-sized little digicam (but the optics of a 35mm movie) and shot by a woman. And she had little to do with football before. A sacrilege? Not at all.”
(Evolver – Austrian Film and Music Magazine)


*Premiere: BIG SKY Documentary Film Festival 2006, Official Selection Feature Competition
*2006 Promotion Award of the Thuringia State Chancellery
*2006 Silver Ten Award – Sports Movies & TV Mumbai
*2006 Nomination for Guirlande d’Honneur – Sport Movies & TV Milano
Theatrical Release Germany in cooperation with Cinemaxx: March 2006

American Football überfällt die Fußball-Nation Deutschland!!!
American Football ist der Nummer Eins Sport in den USA. Aber auch erstaunlich viele Deutsche sind total verrückt nach dem Gerangel auf dem Rasen. Der Dokumentarfilm “Weekend Warriors” begleitet vier Spieler der “Berlin Adler” bei ihrem Kampf um den wichtigsten Titel in Deutschland – den GERMAN BOWL. Die Kamera ist überall dabei, auf dem Footballfeld und in der Umkleidekabine, zu Hause auf dem Sofa und im Büro, bei Jubel und bei Tränen.
Und geht der Frage nach: Warum eigentlich spielen Deutsche American Football?
Ein mitreißender Sportfilm und ein unterhaltsamer Film über Männer, die Gewinner sein wollen – im Sport und im Leben.

American Football invades Soccer-Germany… and they’re loving it! Four young amateur football players from Berlin are the main focus of the film. For them, this all-American sport is more than just a hobby and more than just a game. Football gives them guidance in life and a boost to their masculine ego.
“Weekend Warriors” portraits Herbie – the mama’s boy, Tilo – the show-off, Johnny – the young and confused, and Thomas – the thinker, during one football season with the “Berlin Adler”. The film explores in a humorous way how personal goals, moral values and rituals from the football field are applied to real life and vice versa.

Tilo Hölscher
Sascha (Herbie) Herberg
Thomas Jonietz
Petrus Penkki
Johnny Schmuck
Kent Anderson
Shuan Fatah
und dem/and the Football Team “Berlin Adler”

Regie&Buch/Director&Writer: Alexa Oona Schulz
Kamera/DoP: Dirk Heuer
Schnitt/Editor: Jenny Allmendinger
Musik/Composer: Robert F. Trucios
Titelsong/Title Song: Styles&Smart
Ton/Sound: Ingo Aurich
Tonmischung/Final Sound Mix: Thomas Knop
Colorist: Nadir Mansouri (Das Werk, Berlin)
in Koproduktion mit/Co-produced with Vis-á-Vision Medienproduktion


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