A fantastic drama about a lost dream.


Fiction, 18 min, 16 mm, USA 2001

Starring: Baranda Hagen, Sewell Whitney and Andrew Gaines
Music: Robert F. Trucios with a song by UKEFINK
Production Design: Alberto Gonzales-Reyna, Costume Design: Victoria Fisk
Edior: Johannes Weuthen, Director of Photography: Matthias Grunsky, bvk
Screenplay: Edwin Miles and Alexa Oona Schulz
Producer, Director: Alexa Oona Schulz

Guest screening at VILLA AURORA – Foundation for European-American Relations, L.A.
Festivals e.g.: Long Island, Sarasota, wift World of Women’s Cinema and wift Australia-Tour
SPECIAL PRIZE OF THE JURY – Speelfilmfestival “De Drake”, Belgium
SILVER BEAR – Festival of the Nations, Austria

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2 thoughts on “BURNING HEART

  1. Some good memories here, Alexa. Saw Sewell Whitney in “Preacher.” Funny how people pop up. Hope you’re well and working. If you’re ever near Cologne, get in touch.


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