What do AI and Forensic Pathologists have in common? Nothing really, except…

… I organized and moderated two panel-discussion at the WGA in late August. On Tuesday night, data scientist Yves Begquist was my guest. We talked about how AI is reshaping the creative process. As the Director of the AI & Neuroscience in Media Project at USC’s Entertainment Technology Center, Yves explained how the major studios are using machine learning and AI, and he elaborated on the possible future of AI and its impact on the entertainment industry. On Thursday night, an equally fascinating topic was discussed by my three amazing panelists at the event: “People Are Dying to Come Into My Office: Reading a Dead Body—Inside the Work and Lives of Forensic Pathologists and Medical Examiners”. Screenwriter Corinne Marrinan together with Forensic Pathologists Lisa Scheinin MD, and Vidal Herrera, founder of 1-800-Autopsy, shared insights into the work of Medical Examiners, and how their lives and stories can be portrayed in a (more) truthful way in film and television. Both events were followed by a lively Q&A and additional after-hours chat at the reception. I had a blast and learned a ton. Will definitely do this again!


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