Union Table Read of my drama pilot “Hamburg”

Last Saturday, the SAG-AFTRA L.A. Conservatory produced a table read of my drama pilot HAMBURG. It’s a relatively new partner program with the Writers Guild, and I didn’t know what to expect, except that there would be actors reading my writing. When I got to AFI, where the reading took place, I was blown away by the super production they were setting up. There was not only an amazing buffet, most important to keep people happy on such an occasion, but the producing team had created a slide show that set the mood of Hamburg in 1892 and presented the actors and characters. They had brought in props and even a skeleton that got wrapped in toilet paper to double for a mummy that’s part of the story. Insanely talented actors brought not only the characters of “Hamburg” to life, but also the 1890s world they inhabit. Everyone gifted constructive feedback afterward. Thank you so much to the producers Shaan Sharma and Laura Taylor, to their wonderful team, the truly amazing actresses and actors, the superb recording team, and my two guests. You all made this an immensely valuable and unforgettable experience!

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