I just couldn’t NOT do it.

A few weeks ago my friend Claire invited me to stop by at LACMA after hours. She was having a rehearsal for an upcoming event in the galleries of the “Noah Purifoy: Junk Dada” show. A saxophone player and 4 dancers were invited to translate the artworks into jazz and movement. The concept sounded kind of cool, so I went. The artworks alone had an impact on me: a mixture of debris from the Watts riots, all sorts of junk found in the desert, bicycles turned upside down, rotten wood, bent spoons, skulls and colors, put together with humor and pain. The jazz musician, Phil Ranlin, an LA legend, started to play and the young African-American dancers (choreographed by Tony Testa) lazily exploded to the moody jazz. And I just couldn’t help it, I had to take out my iphone (5, not a 6) and “dance with them”.

As always, the rehearsal was much more exciting than the real show – not because of the performers, but because there were hundreds of people in the galleries while at the rehearsal we were alone with the artists between those amazing artworks.

Noah NoahJazz

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